Signs Your Roller Shutter Needs Maintenance

Just like any other piece of machinery, a roller shutter needs to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis in order to keep it in good condition. After all, it is unrealistic to expect man-made products to self-regulate their maintenance and live up to their 10 to 20-year guarantee at the same time. Here at ABC Industrial we’ve seen it all, which means that we are the experts you want on your side when you suffer an unexpected maintenance mishap. Read on as we go through three signs that your roller shutter needs better maintenance…

Unusual Noises

A roller shutter should operate smoothly and relatively quietly, which means that any noises out of the ordinary need to be checked out by a professional. After all, this is a sure sign that there is something wrong. Most of the time the cause of problem is minor, such as squeaking due to a lack of oil lubrication on the moving parts of the shutter; however, it is better to be safe than sorry as squeaking can also be caused by serious problems like faulty components or advanced corrosion.

Regular Breakdowns

Maintenance is the best way to keep your roller shutters in tip top condition and prevent them from breaking down unexpectedly. After all, routine servicing looks for any potentially problematic issues and fixes them before they become bothersome. Unfortunately, many people fail to keep on top of their roller shutter responsibilities. If you have noticed that your roller shutters are constantly breaking down, then it is an indication that you need to pay more attention to the maintenance aspect of roller shutter ownership.

Natural Ageing

Roller shutters are not invincible. After all, they are a man-made piece of machinery and they require routine inspections in order to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability. After all, a poorly maintained roller shutter actually puts your property at risk because it can make it easier for criminals to gain access. As your roller shutter gets older, maintenance becomes even more essential in order to ensure that all the components are in a suitable enough condition for use. By keeping on track of this, you can replace and repair any problematic issues quickly and efficiently. We are the roller shutter experts you want on your side. The team here at ABC Industrial believe that maintenance is the most important aspect of shutter ownership. After all, they can’t perform to the best of their ability if they aren’t well taken care of. Plus, a lack of maintenance leaves you vulnerable to breakdowns, costly repairs and burglary. If you’re having a shutter emergency, get in contact with the ABC team and ask about our roller shutter maintenance service today!

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