Service and Maintenance

Established in July 1996, we are a leading provider of industrial and commercial door systems and services across the country, supplying a broad and diverse customer base. Our unrivalled service support and product performance ensures our customers’ operations always run as efficiently as possible, and from this solid foundation our company has become relied upon nationwide as a provider of professional support.

Planned Preventive Maintenance Contracts

As all large national companies start to realise the importance of strict health and safety procedures with asset quality and maintenance registers, smaller companies are also starting to follow suit. This does not have to be an expensive exercise with our competitive service pricing structure.

We are servicing sites annually from as little as £60.00, so call us to take advantage of these low rates and protect your staff, customers and yourself from potential injury, or even prosecution due to poorly kept commercial doors. It is a legal requirement, so it is very much your responsibility to ensure industrial doors and roller shutters are serviced regularly and kept in good condition.

Annual door service contracts are a simple and easy solution to this, and will actually save you money. A service contract will ensure your doors are safe and working at their optimum efficiency whilst protecting yourself, your staff and customers from a health and safety standpoint.

If an accident involving one of your premises doors were to occur and an investigation took place, the first question to be asked would be whether the doors had a service contract in place. So make sure the answer is yes, providing you the benefits of:

  • Optimum operating efficiency
  • Less chance of failure due to wear
  • Less chance of costly emergency repairs
  • Prior knowledge of any impending repair costs
  • A safer working environment
  • The benefit of recorded service history
  • Experience advice
  • Wall wallet and service card
  • Reduced chance of injury saving money

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Our experienced engineers can help maintain your rollers shutters and doors simply by visiting once a year and checking everything is in good order. A door in poor condition can cause injury and put you, your staff and customers at risk.

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Emergency Call Out Services

As our customer base has grown we have built excellent relations with each and every client because we provide outstanding customer service. From day one as a company we have strived for excellence, and only employ the best staff with excellent product knowledge, training and experience.

If your shop front shutter will not open and you cannot trade, you need a company that can drop everything and be there in a flash. We have been providing emergency shutter repair with our rapid response every day for many years, as we know how important it is to be there for you as soon as possible. This is why we have service engineers placed strategically around the country on standby just waiting for you to call us.

Every morning we attend a roller shutter repair so shops can open; delivery wagons can get out of premises, fork lift trucks can load wagons, and school children can get their lunch at the kitchen servery counter because their servery fire shutter can open.

Every afternoon and early evening we hear “my shutter will not come down”, or “my electric shutter is jamming”, which prevents staff from locking up and making their way home without our rapid electric shutter repair. Or just as commonly there is a sectional door problem, which might have lifting cables that have jumped off and tangled, stopping the door from coming down and securing the premises for the night.