Efficient, versatile, and fast…

With an array of high speed and industrial doors available in the ITW range, finding the right product for your requirements it simple. ITW’s range of bespoke manufactured, modular and expandable door solutions suit a variety of applications and environment control requirements; Industry, logistics, distribution, transport, automotive, clean room, cooling and cold storage, food, machinery protection, supermarkets, emergency exits and ATEX environments.

The benefits of ITW high speed & industrial doors…

  • High-performance product range
  • Versatile application
  • Environment control
  • Energy saving
  • Extremely tear-resistant curtains
  • Horizontal and vertical opening options
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Customisation via colour options and printed curtains
  • Window sections available

Optimises business output and efficiency…
Vertically or horizontally opening high speed doors help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Traffic flow is greatly improved with fast opening and closing cycles – no waiting for doors to open! Laterally opening door leaves make traffic flow even smoother with immediate height clearance, guaranteeing a trouble-free and safe flow of traffic. High speed doors also improve room climate and energy efficiency – the fast opening and closing reduces heat loss and helps manage internal controlled environments if necessary.

Energy saving and environmental control...
As well as protecting against pests, vermin and dust, ITW's range of high speed doors also reduces energy loss through it's fast opening and closing cycles. Spiral doors have insulated sections for external opening applications.

Machine safety protection...
With the option of integrating into conveyor systems to stop unauthorised access, shield workers from flying sparks or isolating steps in a manufacturing process, ITW's high speed doors can be designed to meet the demands of occupational safety in high tech, machine heavy manufacturing processes.

Exclusively from ABC Doors & Teckentrup in the UK

The ITW range of doors is supplied in partnership with ITW Industrietore.

ITW Transspeed in High Opening
ITW Transrapid Wind Resistant Door



ITW System: Transsprint

High speed, immediate complete opening height with compact door technology

Opening at up to three meters per second, the lateral opening of the ITW Transsprint door leaves achieves immediate clearance height that is the entire passage height. This greatly reduces interruptions to traffic flow and guarantees safe and trouble-free passage. Forklift truck mast strikes are much less likely with horizontal opening - a common issue with vertical systems. When hygiene requirements are necessary, the stainless steel version of the Transsprint meets food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry regulations.


  • Internal and external applications
  • High speed opening & closing (horizontal)
  • Immediate complete passage height availability
  • Crash protection
  • Light grid contactless protection
  • Large door openings
  • Wide range of colours
Download the brochure here!
ITW Transsprint in Workshop
ITW Transsprint in Factory
ITW Transsprint in Warehouse

ITW System: Transrapid

High speed, high wind load resistance PVC door

The ITW Transrapid door is fast opening and closing roll-up door with a 3mm (approx.) thick curtain. Vertically opening, the door operates quietly and can be designed to suit large openings (10,000mm x 8,500 mm). The Transrapid has a low lintel requirement.


  • Internal and external applications
  • High speed opening & closing (vertical)
  • Light grid contactless protection
  • Designed for large door openings
  • Extensive colour choice
  • 3 mm thick fabric curtain
  • Permanently tensioned curtain
  • Tension spring system for weight balance
  • Resistance to wind load (EN12424) Class 3
  • Opening speed - 2,0 m/s
  • Closing speed - 0,8 m/s

    Download the brochure here!
    ITW Transrapid with Windows
    ITW Transrapid Loading Bay Entrance
    ITW Transrapid Curtain

    ITW System: Transspeed BS

    Low noise, high speed door for areas with strong draughts

    The ITW Transspeed BS high speed door is a good solution for openings frequented by forklifts or floor vehicles. Used as an additional hall, warehouse, or factory closure or as an interior door, the different curtain designs can be adapted to meet a range of requirements. Through a permanent curtain tensioning system, the door leaf is kept under tension when opening and closing.


    • Opening speed up to 2.0 m/s
    • Door size up to 6.0 m x 6.0 m
    • Resistance to wind load up to class 3
    • Permanent curtain tension
    • Wide range of colors
    • Atex
    • V2A
    • Deep freeze
    • Fly screen
    Download the brochure here!
    ITW Transspeed BS at Warehouse
    ITW Transspeed BS at Warehouse Entrance
    ITW Transspeed BS in Storage Warehouse

    ITW System: Transspeed GA

    High speed door with quick emergency opening in wind protected areas

    The ITW Transspeed GA’s tension spring system for weight compensation offers fast emergency opening of the door. Applicable where the door is regularly used by forklifts and floor vehicles, the Transspeed can be used as an additional hall closure or as an interior door. To meet your design requirements, the door curtain can be used to meet a wide range of requirements.


    • Opening speed up to 2.0 m/s
    • Door size up to 6.0 m x 6.0 m
    • Resistance to wind load up to class 3
    • Weight compensation
    • Wide range of colors
    • Escape route approval
    • Fly screen
    • Automatic opening in case of power failure
    • V2A
    Download the brochure here!
    ITW Transspeed GS in Factory
    ITW Transspeed GS in Warehouse Entrance
    ITW Transspeed GS in a Factory

    ITW System: Pro-Tec-TOR®

    Fast action machine safety door that protect both people and machines

    The ITW Pro-Tec-TOR® meets the high demands in occupational safety in high tech manufacturing processes. Providing short downtimes and protection for employees, the Pro-Tec-TOR® allows unhindered access to the machine/workpiece whilst also providing complete isolation of a production step. Quick door cycle allows fast production steps to be safely undertaken protecting workers from flying sparks, glowing chips or welding spatter.


    • Use as movable guards protective device
    • Safety switch and emergancy stop
    • Performance level e
    • Opening speed up to 3.0 m/s
    • Closing speed up to 1.7 m/s
    • Door sizes up to 8.0 m width and 5.0 m height
    • Fast cycle times
    • Space-saving compact design
    Download the brochure here!
    ITW Pro-Tec-TOR® in Car Factory
    ITW Pro-Tec-TOR® on Factory Floor
    ITW Pro-Tec-TOR® on Factory Stations

    ITW System: Minirapid

    High speed for high hygiene and safety requirements

    The stable and self-supporting ITW Minirapid modular system is highly sophisticated requiring little lateral space. The tight-fitting fabric curtain of the Minirapid provides good sealing but is still flexible and versatile, providing a diverse range of applications - clean tooms, supermarkets, food industry, machinery protection, pharmaceutical/chemical spaces and wet areas.


    • Low-cost solution
    • Internal applications
    • Quick opening & closing (vertical)
    • Crash protection
    • Contactless protection through a light grid
    • Wide range of colours
    • Low lintel required
    • Resistance to wind load (EN12424) Class 0
    • Opening speed - 2,0 m/s
    • Closing speed - 0,8 m/s
    • Openings up to 5,000 x 5,000 mm
    Download the brochure here!
    ITW Minirapid in Cleanroom
    ITW Minirapid in Building Merchants
    ITW Minirapid in Supermarket

    ITW System: Spiral Doors

    High speed, high frequency external door for energy efficiency

    The sophisticated ITW Spiral Door offers quiet operation roll-up technology and an almost wear-free design due to the contactless spiral movement. Specially developed for exterior openings, the door is designed for high frequency use and has an integrated lightgrid. The fast opening speed of a spiral door and its heat insulating properties ensures an increase in energy efficiency and savings.


    • Gate size up to 6,000mm x 6,000mmInternal applications
    • Quick opening & closing (vertical)
    • Smooth running thanks to the plastic spiral
    • Energy-efficient thanks to thermally separated profiles
    • Contactless protection through a light grid
    • Hinged guide rail
    • RAL of choice
    • Resistance to wind load (EN12424) Class 3 (Optional: Class 4)
    • Opening speed - 2,5 m/s
    • Closing speed - 1,0 m/s
    Download the brochure here!
    ITW Spiral Door in Warehouse
    ITW Spiral Door at Logistics Centre
    ITW Spiral Door at Market

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