PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance )

PPM or Planned Preventive Maintenance is mandatory and we strongly advise roller shutter maintenance is to all our customers for peace of mind and most importantly - compliance. Some take our advice on board and others choose not to thinking they will save money and time. Some customers are lucky enough to get 15 to 20 years of trouble free operation on a shop front for example with as few as 2 operations a day, but a lot can change in 15 - 20 years. Such as new safety regulations which require all roller shutters over personnel access points to have safety brakes to avoid downward failure and injury. Although not entirely finalised yet and open to interpretation to a degree, the "European Standards on safety of doors, gates and barriers - BS EN 12453-2017 and BS EN 12604-2017" basically make the owner of a building which has roller shutters, whole responsible for their safety and regular maintenance. Roller shutter planned preventive maintenance and roller shutter compliance is a serious business. Something which must be adhered to if you want to avoid potential personal/staff and customer injury, followed by prosecution for non-compliance as a property owner. We can cost and provide you with service plans free of charge with no obligation. Either on single premises for owner occupiers or for national chains with multiple branches and large door asset registers. Servicing doors at your convenience and working within your budgets to advise you on the condition, and if required, the most cost effective upgrades to ensure compliance. ABC are a National service provider and working within current government guidelines to ensure business keeps going and stays safe. If you are looking for nationwide planned preventive maintenance from a large established company with asset management systems. Or if you are concerned about a single roller shutter and just want a little advice, we are big enough to deliver and small enough to care. Industrial Door compliance, Roller Shutter compliance, Barriers and Gates compliance is a property owners responsibility and a regular service contract ensures your compliance. We are here to help you take care of this as efficiently as possible on all scales large and small.  

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