How Our National Reactive And Maintenance Contracts Can Work For You

How Our National Reactive And Maintenance Contracts Can Work For You

If you have industrial doors, from shutters and steel doors to automatic doors, you know the disruptive impact they have when they stop working as they should. Business slows or stops, income is lost and sometimes people can get injured. So you know that when the worst happens, you need someone you can depend upon to get things back on track as soon as possible.

Our role as a national door and shutter company means our customers, from independent end users to multinational companies, use us as their single provider due to the wide range of services we provide. We attend to repairs and emergency call-outs all over the UK every day, and our unparalleled service and advice guarantee our customers the access and security they need.

National Reactive Contracts

If you’re a national company like our client National Tyres, you too could benefit from our national reactive contracts. With over 235 bases across the length and breadth of the UK, they need a company they can depend on to get out to them and sort whatever needs fixing every time.  Our ability to supply, maintain and service every type of door on our customers’ premises means we provide excellent convenience; with our range of expertise including roller shutters, fire shutters and automatic doors to name only a few. Through a reactive contract with us, you gain agreed rates, faster call out times and the convenience of a multi-faceted company that can handle all of your industrial door needs across the UK!

National Maintenance Contracts

It’s a well-known fact that prevention is better than the cure, and with our national maintenance contracts that’s exactly what we do. By checking the doors and shutters on a premises every 6 to 12 months our engineers can see problems before they happen. This means that instead of waiting until something breaks leading to an emergency situation, we can provide the cheaper maintenance work to keep your door or shutter in full working order. So as well as saving money, your workplace will also be much safer – win win!

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Posted: 11-04-2019