The Woman Who Photographs Bollards

The Woman Who Photographs Bollards

It is safe to say that everybody has their own personal likes and dislikes and that is certainly true for one London lady. In fact, out of all the hobbies photographer Maggie Jones could have chosen, she fell in love with documenting the ordinary items that many of us pass without batting an eye. Read on to find out more about the woman who photographs bollards…

A retired NHS nurse, Maggie Jones moved to London in 2002 from Swansea and fell in love with the city of London almost immediately due to its history and photogenic properties. In an article published by TimeOut, Jones told reporters that the capital city is ‘a wonderful place for someone like me to live, because it lets me combine my two long-life loves; photography and history’.

In fact, we can confidently say that Jones has spent the last 16 years productively as she has over 37,000 images posted on the website Flickr that includes a wide range of unambiguous items like lamps, clocks, signs and even graves. It was not long after that she realised she had to control what she chose to focus on in her images – introducing bollards!

Over 200 photos later, Jones has said that London has a great deal of bollards located around the area, many of which doubled as parish boundaries before the boroughs we know of today we formed in 1899. In fact, Maggie Jones is so humbled by the ordinary bollard that she claims more people should pay attention to them, if not for the design then for the history they hold.

With an anecdote, the avid photographer recalls her favourite bollard located outside of St Helen’s Church on Bishopsgate and explains how many people believe it is a cannon from a French ship that was taken as a spoil of war in 1797. In fact, history supports this idea as many cannons were buried in order to form bollards many years ago.

Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that photography is a great way to showcase skill and passion and perhaps one day Mrs Jones will photograph a Cheshire Metalcraft bollard! After all, they are made to an incredibly high standard with some of the most eye catching designs around. To find out more information about our range of bollards, get in contact with a member of the team today!

Posted: 08-02-2018