First and foremost, a good set of fire shutters can throw your business a crucial lifeline when it matters most: when you’ve been unfortunate enough for a fire to break out in your premises. Fire shutters ensure that it is safe for people to leave the building, and they also slow down the spread of fire. This can, ultimately, save the lives of those in the vicinity and prevent any serious damage to the property.

Fire shutters can also improve the theft protection of your business. Some of them are designed for being opened and closed on a regular basis, and this means that they can also be used as a form of security shutter. Basically, they can stop someone from smashing through your store window and grabbing anything within reach. They can also protect loading docks, rear door openings and even rooms inside your building.

As the fire shutter industry has evolved, the design of the shutters has become more aesthetically pleasing than the older models we are used to seeing. Nowadays, fire shutters can be created to blend into their surroundings, meaning that they do not have a detrimental effect to the exterior of your building. Shutters can now even be custom-made in different textures and colours to complement the exterior, and can contribute to the aesthetics of the premises.

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Posted: 08-09-2016