Why Should You Invest in Roller Shutters?

It is safe to say that roller shutters have a fairly well-known reputation as an industrial security measure. In fact, some business owners choose not to invest in them due to their overly grey façade, which means that residential property owners tend to stick to window bars. Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that our roller shutters are the perfect domestic solution because they combine aesthetics with security in order to offer homeowners excellent value for money.

Aesthetically Pleasing Finish

Despite the industrial reputation of traditional roller shutters, domestic varieties have been designed with aesthetics in mind in order to ensure that residential property owners are able to improve their security without sacrificing on the style of their exterior. In fact, there are a variety of different finishes, colours, and designs to choose from that will almost certainly leave the neighbours green with envy.

Remote Controlled Options Available

Most homeowners invest in a domestic roller shutter for their garage because they are much cheaper and offer effective security, especially when it comes to protecting expensive vehicles. Luckily, they can also be remoted controlled which means that homeowners can open their shutter with the touch of a button. In fact, it is even possible to connect a domestic ABC Industrial roller shutter to a smartphone or tablet and control it from there too!

High-Quality and Long-Lasting

With a 7-year warranty, the lifespan of a domestic roller shutter is often dependent on the maintenance it is provided with. After all, they must be inspected by a licenced engineer on a regular basis in order to ensure that the moving components are in full working order and motor should also be cleaned and oiled regularly to prevent noisy squeaks from developing. With this said, the average domestic roller shutter can last for decades at a time with the right care. Although they were once known as a high-street eyesore, the roller shutter has undergone an aesthetic revolution in recent years. In fact, domestic roller shutters are designed with the style of a property in mind because we know how important the exterior of a residential property is. To find out more information about our range of high-quality domestic roller shutters, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

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