Automatic doors are so common in large premises nowadays, that sometimes you might find yourself surprised that you actually need to stretch out your arm to pull open a regular door. We’ve all seen people stand at a door for a moment as they wait for it to open, only to look a little perplexed as they realise that it isn’t automatic. There are countless videos on the internet of people accidentally walking into a manual doorway, under the assumption that it would open by itself.

But why are automatic doors so much better? Obviously, this now means you don’t have to open it by yourself and eradicates the risk of you being the unlucky one that ends up holding the door for everyone else to walk through. But automatic doors also pose some major benefits to business procedures and operations, and we’re here at ABC to talk through some them with you.

  • Whether they’re installed in a shop, a warehouse or an office block, automatic doors provide many benefits. Ultimately, they make your business seem friendlier to its customers or clients. For example, let’s say you own a shop on the high street- well, a set of automatic doors will make your business more accessible for the physically disabled and parents pushing prams. Likewise, it also makes it easier for customers pushing shopping trolleys to exit your store without the hassle of holding a door open.
  • Because they are so customer-friendly, automatic doors are much more inviting than a set of regular doors. With their constant opening and closing motion, automatic doors make it obvious that your shop is open and that customers are welcome inside.
  • Of course, a set of sliding doors also incites some feelings of professionalism. If you’re in a warehouse with automatic doors, you get the feeling that this company must be successful. They add a certain aesthetic appeal to your property and, at the same time, make it clear that you care about the comfort of your customers and clients.
  • Automatic doors can also save you a fortune on your energy bill. A set of regular doors run the risk of being left open and affecting the temperature inside your building. Because they are made of glass, automatic doors also let in a huge amount of daylight, meaning you can turn down those energy consuming lights and reduce your electricity bill!

At ABC Industrial, we offer a wide range of different automatic doors as part of our commercial door systems in Manchester. To find out more information on the products that we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

Posted: 17-10-2016