Why Burglars Hate Window Grilles

Why Burglars Hate Window Grilles

Making sure your property is safe is incredibly important. After all, the last thing you want to face is the repercussions of a pretty brutal break in. Luckily the ABC Industrial team are on hand in order to offer you some words of wisdom and share our knowledge in order to guarantee the security of your property. In fact, window grilles are one of the biggest foes that a law breaker will face. Here are a couple of reasons why burglars hate them…

Restricts Access

When criminals want to enter a property quickly they will often smash the glass of windows despite the fact that it will make a noise and not only does this leave you with a mess to clean up after discovering your break in, it means that you have to get a window replaced too. Luckily window grilles restrict access to the different points of entry to your home as they prevent burglars from simply  throwing a brick through the window in order to enter.


Burglars tend to look for an easy target when they intend to break the law and because window grilles are made from some of the strongest materials on market they are incredibly difficult to break through. This means that the criminals are more likely to continue their search for a better target as the window grilles will act like a deterrent and put them off even trying to gain entry to the property.

Windows grilles are more than they seems which is why many people tend to overlook them and their benefits. The team here at ABC believe that you cant put a price on safety and security which is why we recommend window grilles to every property owner. After all, the eyesores of the early 21st century are a thing of the past and many window grilles now actually complement the exterior of a building rather than ruin it. Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today!


Posted: 11-06-2018