What Are Rapid Roll Doors?

Rapid Roll Doors are mainly used for business units and are suitable for the internal and external of the building. They can be installed with a range of operational controls, with options including powered, remote, and radar sensor. These types of doors can open at an incredibly fast speed of 1-2 meters per second. There are three types of rapid roll doors which are popular, they are:

Mini Roll

A lighter rapid door which has been designed for smaller and internal spaces.

Instant Pass

A durable and foldable choice, perfect for either internal or external buildings.

Instant Roll

A rapid roll door choice that’s used for a more general external purpose. Rapid roll doors are significant energy savers and can provide an easy solution for those days when you’re in a rush. Fast-action roller shutter doors for business units can make a great difference from the running costs of operating a business to actually running the business itself. Choosing these types of shutters will also reduce energy bills due to the fantastic insulation they provide. Another great thing about rapid roll doors is that they are low maintenance! This is one of the main advantages. The robust quality means that they can be used constantly without needing repairs or replacement components as often as you think. They can be controlled during working hours so your mind can be eased about security and safety. When everyone leaves work for the evening, you can set the shutter to close automatically and deters intruders. Our innovative and professional services ensure that your building will be as protected and secure as possible. At ABC Industrial we are a leading provider of industrial and commercial door systems and services that are widespread across the country. We pride ourselves on supplying an unrivalled service to our customers and guide them in any way possible to choosing products that they are happy with. We offer a range of different products that can be customised to your building requirements. For more information about our roller shutters and automatic doors, get in touch today for some expert advice.

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