Types of Automatic Doors

Types of Automatic Doors

There are multiple different types of automatic doors that can be installed in a new build or retrofitted to upgrade existing doorways. Each has pros and cons and certain conditions under which it is most suitable for fitting. Which is best for your needs?

Folding Doors

Folding doors are a low-cost solution which saves space on either end of the doorway by folding the door back in on itself along its vertical centre, sparing the need for additional room for the door to occupy when open. Because of this, folding doors are perfect for narrow passageways or other areas where space is limited.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a classic style of automatic door found on banks and supermarkets alike. Sliding doors provide a sleek aesthetic and maximises the available door width by moving the doors completely out of the way when open. However, they do require a very wide space in order to install them! If you are struggling for room to install, telescopic sliding doors feature several leaves per side which collapse together in order to save space.

Swing Doors

Swing doors, not unlike the others on the list, are pretty self-explanatory. They swing open, requiring no space either side of the door to operate. These doors make very little noise, making them perfect for environments that may wish to reduce distracting noises, like hospitals and care homes. Swing doors are also the easiest to retrofit into existing doorways.


Retrofitting is the installation of automatic doors in pre-existing doorways, either to replace or upgrade the current doors. Retrofitting is easiest to complete with swing doors, as they’ll fit in any standard manual doorway, but can also be done on any type of automatic door, as long as the conditions allow! Folding doors are the next-easiest to retrofit and sliding doors are the most challenging, but not impossible!

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Posted: 01-09-2021