Types Of Automatic Doors

There are a number of options when it comes to choosing automatic doors for your building. From new builds to upgrading doorways, each choice serves its purpose. You may be left with the question of which type of automatic door is best for your needs. At ABC Industrial, we will be explaining the different types of automatic doors.

Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for something of a classic style, then why not opt for the popular sliding doors? Sliding doors are a simple yet practical choice of automatic doors and can most likely be spotted at the entrance of supermarkets. They offer a sleek aesthetic which is perfect for those looking for something minimal. Sliding doors are great for bigger buildings as they can maximise the door width to let more people in. If you are located in a smaller space then sliding doors might not be the choice for you.


This type of automatic door is installed when re-existing doorways have automatic doors fitted. Retrofitted can be installed to replace or upgrade the existing doors. Out of the different types of automatic doors, retrofitted doors are the easiest to be installed with swing doors because they can be fitted in with any typical doorway. But they can always be fitted with the other types of doors listed as long as they match the conditions required.

Swing Doors

All of these types of automatic doors listed are fairly easy to distinguish just like swing doors. They’re the simplest choice to install in existing doorways. This type of door detects a person and swings itself open which is a fantastic option if you are carrying heavy boxes or when someone requires assistance with opening doors. Swing doors make a minimal amount of noise, again a great option for environments that require quiet such as care homes, schools, vets, and more.

Folding Doors

The last type of automatic doors we are going to discuss today is folding doors. They’re a low-cost choice, folding doors save space on both ends of the doorway. It can do this by folding the door back in on itself along its vertical centre, which also creates a bigger space in the room for the door when it’s open. If you have limited space or you’re looking for a minimalistic aesthetic, folding doors could be the perfect choice for you! If require some more guidance on selecting the best type of automatic doors for your building, then please get in touch with ABC Industrial for our professional and bespoke service!  

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