Top Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters

Top Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular on both commercial sites like shop fronts and warehouses, and in domestic settings like your home. In fact, an increasing number of people are opting to install them on their properties to boost their security. But roller shutters offer a wide range of benefits, They offer a lot of value aside from the well know industrial and commercial uses.

Better Security

Roller shutters provide break-in protection from unwanted visitors. It is very difficult to enter a property with roller shutters because they are closely fitted  to every door or window, completely securing all ingress points. As a result, they cannot be easily removed without a great deal of noise or effort, and the property cannot be entered without their removal. They are also a fantastic deterrent as thieves tend to avoid such heavily protected homes, so the more of your neighbours install roller shutters, the safer your neighbourhood will be!

Better Insultation

Usually, people tend to opt for curtains and blinds as a means to shut out heavy sunrays and unbearable heat from their home. Despite this, the heat passes right through anyway. Some roller shutters are fitted with a layer of insulating foam which boosts the energy efficiency of your property, stopping around 70% of heat entering the home on hot days and roughly 60% of heat leaving the home on colder days.

Better Protection

Roller shutters offer an additional layer of protection against the weather. If you live in an area which has the possibility of being affected by hail, hurricanes, or even floods, roller shutters can offer that extra peace of mind by providing a second layer of protection from the harsh elements for the parts of your home vulnerable to leaks and weathering – the windows and doorframes. Roller shutters won’t rattle, grind, or make noise during high winds either, so you can rest assured you won’t be disturbed.

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Posted: 17-06-2022