Three Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors You May Not Have Considered

Installing automatic doors on your home or business can provide some fantastic benefits. Some of these are well-known, such as the boost in security options available and the increased value of the property with automatic doors fitted. But some are rather obscure and you most likely won’t have even considered them. Have a look below for three reasons to install automatic doors you probably haven’t considered yet.

Preventing Transmission During The Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic taught the world some very harsh lessons. We got to see how unsuitable some of our systems are for times of crisis, and the population has had many lessons in viral transmission and staying safe. With door handles being an incredibly common transmission point, automatic doors can help keep your guests safe and virus free during their visit. Of course, more precautions are also recommended, but ensuring that everyone through your doors isn’t grabbing the same handle is a great start.

Easing Soaring Energy Bills

Alongside the pandemic, the citizens of the UK have also had a divisive Brexit process, and, in recent weeks, the looming threat of war with Russia to content with. These factors have caused a huge spike in energy prices, with many calling on the government to help lower these for poorer families. Automatic doors help keep your internal environment at a steady temperature, reducing the energy needed to heat your building, and helping you keep those soaring bills under control.

Preparing For Future Environmental Regulations

With events like COP26 and new policy initiatives like Net Zero setting the stage for the global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, new laws and regulations are being announced to aid these processes, such as the imminent ban on red diesel use across many industries. With the next few decades set to progress in this fashion, it is likely that increasingly strict regulations will be enacted on the energy efficiency of buildings. By installing automatic doors, you are making these reductions in advance, and setting yourself up to cruise through any emerging laws with ease!

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