Things You May Not Know About Roller Shutters

Things You May Not Know About Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are everywhere we look these days! They adorn warehouses, fire and police stations, loading docks, and plenty of other spaces. Roller shutters provide a higher level of security for industrial and commercial sites, but are perfect for domestic use too! Here are some facts you may not have known about roller shutters:

Roller shutters aren’t just for industrial use

We are most used to seeing roller shutters in industrial usage. As mentioned above, we see them mostly on factories, warehouses, or other large industrial centres. But roller shutters come in all imaginable shapes and sizes and can be fitted to homes with ease and precision. Bringing added security and protecting your doors and windows from weathering, your have plenty to gain by adding roller shutters to your home.

Most roller shutters are corrosion resistant

Many people who discuss roller shutters have the misconception that they are prone to corrosion and rust, especially in the moving parts. We are conditioned to want to keep mechanical or electronic machinery inside, away from the wind and the rain, but roller shutters are predominantly made from corrosion resistant materials and are made to stand up to all types of weather!

Roller shutters can add value to your home

Roller shutters make a huge different to the security of your home. Fitting roller shutters on your doors and windows will prevent opportunistic burglary and deter potential thieves. They will also protect your doors and windows from corrosion and add an additional layer of insultation to your home, all of which can help raise the value and make your property more competitive to sell on the market.

Roller shutters don’t have to be ugly

Roller shutters are often thought of as being ugly. Even if you’ve accepted that they will provide extra security and protect your access points from weathering, why would you want such an eyesore on your house? But this isn’t the case! Roller shutters can be designed to fit with the décor of any exterior and can be painted to blend in with your building, so they don’t stick out! You can incorporate the shutters into your design, creating a unique and cutting edge design which also brings impenetrable security!

Posted: 11-10-2021