When it comes to setting up your business, there’s nothing more important than making sure that your staff and products are kept safe. It doesn’t matter whether you own a small high street store in a bustling city centre, or an enormous warehouse out in the countryside- whatever your business, it’s imperative that you take the necessary precautions to fend off any potential criminals. This will likely involve heading out and purchasing some kind of alarm system, which is fair enough, or even some CCTV cameras to catch whoever’s broken in or vandalised your property during the night. But there are far more effective ways of improving the safety and security of your business and, no matter how much thought you’ve put into it, we can guarantee that you will have missed some weaknesses in your security. We’re here at ABC to run you through exactly what those weaknesses might be, and how you can put them right once and for all. As previously mentioned, you might have gone ahead and spent a fortune on electronic security devices such as alarms and cameras. However, these are only ever really helpful when it comes to catching the culprit of whatever crime has been committed, and does very little to actually prevent the crime in the first place. While some burglars may be put off by a blaring alarm or CCTV camera, others will either find a way to bypass them entirely or understand that they still have time to steal what they came for. After all, how often do you assume somewhere has actually been broken into when you hear an alarm? One of the most common weaknesses that most businesses fail to spot- but criminals always notice- is vulnerable windows. With exposed glass on show, this will bring in potential thieves like a moth to a flame, and they’ll waste no time in plotting how to break through them and grab your valuable stock. ABC provide a range of excellent window grilles that are absolutely perfect for not only deterring thieves in the first place, but also keeping those that are stupid enough to try to break in anyway at bay. You might leave your business at night feeling as though it’s been locked up good and tight. After all, you’ve secured all the locks, closed all the windows and your alarm has been set, what could go wrong? Well, many businesses overestimate the strength of their locks, and are given a false sense of security when they lock up for the day. Burglars can find a way to break through insecure or feeble locks, however a set of roller shutters will eradicate that risk entirely! ABC offer a range of roller shutters and other products that are all designed to improve the security of your business, so contact us today if you need any further info!

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