The Signs of a Faulty Roller Shutter

Taking care of a roller shutter shouldn’t have to be a full-time responsibility and that is why the team here at ABC Industrial believe that maintenance and servicing is a feature that cannot be neglected. After all, the last thing that a property owner wants to discover at the end of a busy day is a shutter malfunction in need of an emergency inspection from an engineer. Luckily, recognising the signs of a problem can ensure that such problems are caught before they increase in severity. Read on as we go over the signs that a roller shutter may be faulty...

Unusual Noises

A roller shutter should offer a property owner smooth operation which means that any unusual noises should always be considered a cause for concern and investigated by a licenced engineer. For example, a grinding noise that resembles metal on metal contact could suggest that there is a problem with the motor and the faster that such an issue is addressed, the cheaper and easier it is to rectify.

Slow Operation

Automatic shutters can benefit business owners and supermarkets by making it much easier to open and close the store. After all, manual shutters can be heavy when they are large and automation offers the ability to control multiple units at the same time. With this said, a shutter should operate at a smooth and steady speed so any variations in pace could indicate that there is an issue at fault which requires investigating.


Whilst it is difficult to miss the signs of vandalism, many property owners believe that intentional damage caused by criminals isn’t considered an emergency fault. On the contrary, a roller shutter that has been damaged during a burglary or attempted break-in should be seen by a licenced engineer in order to fix the issue as soon as possible. After all, vandalism can actually make a shutter vulnerable to further damage if it is not rectified quickly. When it comes to security shutters, it is important to provide high-quality maintenance and regular inspections. After all, this is the most fool-proof method in order to find and source minor problems before they develop into costly affairs. Since shutters tend not to schedule their breakdowns, the team here at ABC Industrial are proud to offer a roller shutters repairs service that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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