The Safety Guidelines of Roller Shutters

The Safety Guidelines of Roller Shutters

They might offer a high-quality solution to security problems however roller shutters are also heavy pieces of industrial machinery and since all electronically powered item comes with the risk of faults, it pays to be prepared. After all, the last thing you want is your brand-new roller shutter crashing down to the ground and causing an injury. Luckily there are several guidelines for both the construction company to abide by and the owner to follow in order to prevent such incidents from taking place…

The Guidelines

Like many things, roller shutters are prone to criticism about their safety since there is a risk of injury when they are not used correctly. For example, adults or children could hang onto the bottom of a shutter as it rises and then fall several metres to the hard concrete or a shutter may malfunction and unexpectedly shut. In order to prevent these accidents from taking place it is important to use roller shutters safely and following these guidelines:

  • All potential handholds should be removed from a roller shutter in order to prevent people holding onto them as the shutter rises and causing an accident.
  • Roller shutters should be maintained on a regular and routine basis in order to ensure that any issues or malfunctions can be found and fixed before they become dangerous.
  • It may be wise to install a ‘hold to run’ device that can control the height that the shutter rises and lowers to and can stop it moving if an accident was to take place.

Safety Devices

Whilst it is all well and good for the owner of a roller shutter to take steps to prevent accidents from taking place it is all about the construction. After all, there are several components that are implemented into the design of roller shutters in order to ensure they are as safe as they can possibly be. Not only does this help reassure people, it also changes the industrial world for the better. Here are a few of the features:

  • The safety break is one of the most important pieces of a roller shutter and it a mechanism that is triggered if a roller shutter started to fall unexpected. After all, you never know who could be underneath, so this stops a malfunctioning shutter dead in its tracks. Whilst such instances are extremely rare, this device is fitted into almost ever shutter on the market.
  • Sometimes accidents take place to the human operator due to a completely unrelated problem, like passing out, however unoccupied roller shutters as a result of this present an entirely brand-new danger. Luckily a dead man switch can save the day. This device is automatically operated if the human operator becomes unable to control the equipment and is called into action to stop a shutter potentially injuring another person.

Here at ABC Industrial we are the experts when it comes to roller shutters and we want to ensure that every single one of our customers feels safe and secure with their purchase. After all, industrial equipment is supposed to provide peace of mind, not worry. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 04-04-2018