The Popularity of Automatic Systems

The Popularity of Automatic Systems

It is hard to avoid the rise of automatic systems and reliance that the public has on technology. After all, the majority of shopping centres are now fitted with automatic doors and many industrial sites have automatic roller shutters installed. Here at ABC Industrial Doors we recognise this ever-growing popularity and in this blog we are going to tell you a few reasons why they are so beloved…


Since we live in a world where technology is able to provide everything and anything we could wish for, the convenience of automatic systems is something that is to be expected. After all, many automatic doors are placed on a sensor that will signal them to open when a person is detected so all we have to do is keep walking.

Cost Effective

Since automatic systems like automatic doors are on sensors it means that you can actually reduce energy costs. After all, when regular doors are left open a lot of heat is allowed to escape and when you are paying energy bills this is technically money leaving the building. On the other hand, automatic doors shut when a person is not detected so this energy can be conserved instead.


Automatic roller shutters are incredibly beneficial when it comes to security as it prevents them from being opened without the necessary technology, such as a pin code, key or switch. In contrast to manual roller shutters which could potentially be forced open with the right equipment, automatic shutters are incredibly secure and can help keep your property and business safe.

Automatic systems not only make life easier for the public, they can be a necessity in a range of different environments. Take hospitals for example where speed and efficiency in the emergency department can mean the difference between life and death. The implementation of automatic doors in such environments means that medical staff are able to focus on the task at hand without holding open doors all the time. To find out more benefits that our range of automatic doors can offer, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 11-05-2018