In our first blog of this three part blog series, we had a look at variations of the shutter universe- more importantly, we focused on fire shutters! These are a kind of shutters which work specifically in order to keep a fire enclosed within a certain area of a building, providing vital time for people to escape. In part two we’re going to go over the specifications and the importance of correct installation…

Specifying the Right Rated Fire Shutters

As the installation of a fire shutter often has the balance of lives and the integrity of a property relying on it, it is important that the specifications are correct. This means that it must be effectively tested to ensure that it truly is fire resistant.

When all other efforts fail in the presence of a fire, such as sprinklers and fire extinguishers, compartmentalisation is one of the ways to cut off a fire and ensure everyone evacuates. Another specification of a fire shutter is ensuring that it is able to close correctly when required, even if the primary source of power fails. In short, it must be seen to that a fire shutter is fit for purpose in any building.

The Importance of Correct Installation…

As we know, a fire shutter plays a very important part in the event of a fire which means that lives are possibly placed in danger if one is not correctly installed. For example, if one is installed the wrong way, it will not be able to perform the function necessary – compartmentalising a fire! This allows a fire to spread very quickly and thus, endangers a buildings integrity and the people inside.

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Posted: 16-03-2017