The Importance of Maintaining Your Automatic Doors

Automatic doors can now be found at almost every property entrance and with the growing popularity of aesthetics, it isn't surprising to find that automation has managed to overtake manual operation in the industrial world. There are an abundance of benefits that can be gained from investing in automated doors, such as improved disability access for public buildings, reduced delays in busy working environments like hospitals, and even aesthetic advantages for design-focussed businesses like the hotel industry. With this said, every piece of mechanical technology requires regular inspections from an experienced engineer in order to ensure that there are no faults, and an automatic door is no exception. Minor problems can develop into expensive repair work in the blink of an eye and routine maintenance aims to prevent as such from happening. In fact, some faults can even be considered a safety risk, such as a malfunctioning motion sensor, which is why it is imperative to conduct maintenance and repairs on your automatic doors on a regular and routine basis. Since automatic doors tend to malfunction subtly, a property owner needs to be able to spot the signs that suggest a prompt inspection is required. As a general rule, any unusual operation should be considered a cause for concern. For example, slow operation, grinding noises that resemble metal on metal contact, or an unresponsive motion sensor are all problems that require the expert attention of an engineer experienced in automatic doors repairs. Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that maintenance is a basic requirement of automatic door ownership. After all, mechanical man-made features like these are not able to regulate and repair damage on their own. Luckily, regular inspections carried out by the keen eye of an experienced engineer can help locate minor problems before they get the chance to develop into serious issues and pose a safety risk to the public. In fact, our planned preventative maintenance contacts are designed in order to offer property owners the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to automatic door maintenance. For all your needs with automatic doors and roller shutters, from installation to maintenance and repair, get in touch with ABC Industrial today!

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