The Importance of Automatic Doors

The Importance of Automatic Doors

The automatic door has been a staple in public buildings since the 1960’s. With this said, there are still businesses that fail to see the benefits they provide and the importance of their installation. After all, technology is advancing at an incredibly fast rate and there is nothing worse than being left behind. Read on to find out a few reasons why the ABC team believe that automatic doors are an important essential for every public building…

Disability Friendly

Many manual doors are bulky and heavy which can make life difficult for people who are living with a chronic condition or disability. On the other hand, automatic doors are fitted with motion sensors and open when they detect a person approaching which can reduce the amount of work that the disabled. After all, it is much easier to wheel a wheelchair through an automatic door!

Elderly Assistance

Similarly, the elderly can also benefit from the ease of automatic technology. After all, life expectancy in western society is increasing every year which means that we now have 90 year old people walking around, many of whom have disabilities, and whilst many are healthy, most require a little bit of assistance. Since manual doors can be heavy for the elderly, automatic doors make it much easier for them to retain their independence.

Energy Saving

An automatic door is equipped with motor sensors which means that they don’t open unless it is necessary. As a result, the energy costs of a building often decreases as there is less heat lost through an open door. After all, the biggest problem with manual doors is that you cannot rely on people to keep them closed.

From hospitals to supermarkets, society has become accustomed to the presence of automatic doors installed inside public buildings. In fact, we are so used to them that norms would crumble if we were ever forced to revert back to manual doors! To find out more about our variety of styles and designs, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

Posted: 13-09-2018