The Hazards of Loading Bays

The Hazards of Loading Bays

A loading bay is an essential component in the handling of materials within the workplace. After all, factories wouldn’t be able to operate without them. With this said, they can be incredibly dangerous when the rules aren’t followed. Here at ABC Industrial, we specialise in some of the finest loading bay equipment on the market, however, we believe that safety in the workplace is something every property owner should encourage. Here are some of the biggest hazards that can be found in a loading bay…

Falling Boxes

When large and heavy items are being loaded and unloaded, it is important that staff members always exercise caution. After all, the statistics show that the most common injuries are caused by the merchandise itself! In fact, the falling boxes can not only be dangerous for employees, there is also the risk of cross contamination, as some loading bays deal with the loading and unloading of food produce.

Neglected Equipment

In order for a loading bay to function adequately, the boss must invest in equipment. After all, lorries are large vehicles that must be safely backed into the dock with the appropriate mechanical aids. With this said, having poor quality and even neglected loading bay equipment is just as bad as having none at all as there is always a risk that it could fail, putting staff members at an unnecessary risk.

Poor Communication

Working with large vehicles like lorries means that the staff must be able to communicate with one another effectively. After all, loading bay equipment provides an essential assistance, however, accidents can take place very quickly when the employees aren’t talking to one another properly. In some instances, staff members have almost been injured by reversing vehicles or fallen from higher ground due to a lack of communication.

Since loading bays can be so dangerous, it is important to invest in the necessary equipment in order to prevent accidents and keep members of staff safe. After all, our loading bay equipment is designed in order to assist with vehicle docking so that you are able to keep the area functional at all times for a fast and efficient loading and unloading process. To find out more information about staying safe in loading bays, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 30-08-2018