The Difference Between a Fire Door and a Regular Door

The Difference Between a Fire Door and a Regular Door

Every building should be equipped with high quality industry standard fire doors. After all, it doesn’t take long for a fire door to take control of a building and having an extra 30 minutes to evacuate the premises can really be the difference between life and death. With this said, it isn’t uncommon to be mislead and tricked into thinking that regular wooden doors are flame retardant fire doors. Here are a few differences that can help you make sure you aren’t being duped…

Fire Doors

Fire doors are installed in order to save lives and act as a protective barrier against the brutality of a fire which is why they must come with a fire resistance rating from a respectable and legitimate expert. This helps determine how effective they will be should a fire ever break out. In addition to this, fire doors are also fitted with an insulating material around the perimeter which is designed to expand  in the presence of heat and flames, sealing off the area in order to provide extra time to escape.

Regular Doors

On the other hand, regular doors are what they say on the tin; regular. This means that they are made from materials that will likely fuel a fire rather than stop it spreading, such as wood. They will also not come with a fire resistance rating as they are not fitted with any flame retarded materials or properties. In order to ensure that your doors are legitimate fire doors you should ask to see the paperwork explaining the fire resistance rating as doors without them are likely to just be regular doors.

When it comes to fire doors the team here at ABC Industrial Doors are the experts you want on your side. In fact, since industry standard fire doors can be the thing that determines whether or not those trapped in a fire manage to escape, we make it our mission to ensure that you choose the best fire doors for your needs! Get in contact with a member of the ABC team today to find out more information!

Posted: 04-06-2018