The Biggest Sliding Doors Myths of the Industry

Sliding doors can be found in a wide range of different places including shopping centres, schools and even hospitals. Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our readers are consuming facts, not fiction. After all, the industrial industry is very expansive, and this means that information can become lost in translation. Read on as we bust some of the biggest myths about sliding doors…

Myth: They aren’t energy efficient

Sliding doors are controlled by motion sensors that detect when people are approaching in order to open and close in good time. Due to this, people believe that they are not energy efficient. In actual fact, this mechanism is what makes them the best option for properties that want to conserve energy as much as possible because it ensures that the doors are closed when they are not being used, whereas a manual door can be left open due to human error.

Myth: They are prone to malfunctions

Since sliding doors tend to be automatic, they come with much more mechanical machinery such as sensors and motors. As a result, people believe that they are more inclined to breakdown and incur faults. Whilst this is partially true, how prone something is to damage depends on the quality and frequency of maintenance that it is provided with. After all, a well-cared for sliding door can last for decades.

Myth: They are expensive

In order to achieve peace of mind that your property is protected, it is important to invest in your security. After all, the best things on the market tend to cost a little bit more. Here at ABC Industrial, we believe in giving our customers value for money which is why all of our sliding door prices reflect their quality, durability and reliability. Whilst an automatic sliding door is going to cost more than a manual swinging door, many people choose to see them as an investment for the future as the average one can last for at least a decade. If you are looking for a door that can deliver on durability, functionality and aesthetics then sliding doors are for you! In fact, we know how much a business relies on their doors, which is why we combine expert engineering with the best materials on the market in order to deliver a reliable door that lives up to its reputation. Now the myths have been busted, it’s time to discuss all your door needs with an ABC expert; get in contact to find out more today!

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