The Benefits of Steel Security Doors

If you want to take your security to the next level, a steel security door could be just what you’ve been looking for. After all, they are so intimidating that no intruder would even dare to try and bypass their system. Here at ABC Industrial, we stock the M2M+ general purpose steel door which is available as a single, leaf and half or double door set. Read on as we go through some of the benefits of installing a steel security door…


Not only can steel security doors come in different door sets like single, leaf and a half and double, they can also be designed with a variety of uses in mind too. After all, we want to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of security. From heavy industrial use to commercial and domestic use, the versatility of a steel security door means that both warehouse owners and residential homeowners are given peace of mind.


As they are made from steel, an iron alloy, these security doors are prepared for anything that could be thrown at them. In fact, they are able to hold their own against the wrath of mother nature and can withstand any attempt of force entry from lawbreakers. Perhaps their only downfall is rust, however this can be prevented with routine maintenance.

Easy Installation

For unbeatable value, a steel security door is also incredibly easy to install. This means that you won’t have to stop production for several days at your warehouse or take time off work to be at home. In fact, ABC engineers pride themselves on their speed and efficiency in order to ensure that you can get back to business as quickly as possible. If you want peace of mind that your property is protect, it is time to make an investment in a steel security door. After all, steel is a material with strength, durability and reliability which makes it the perfect choice for security doors. In fact, the ABC M2M+ is our best selling door of its class! To find out more information about steel security doors, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

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