The Benefits of Servery Fire Shutters

The Benefits of Servery Fire Shutters

Whilst fire shutters are often placed on the exterior of a building in order to compartmentalise in the event that a fire occurs, a smaller version can often be found inside too. After all, there are other locations and industries that are at risk of a fire breaking out too. Here at ABC Industrial, we try to cater for a wide range of clients and, in this blog, we are going to briefly look at servery fire shutters…


The alternative safety installations that are available for serving locations are often large, bulky and are an eyesore and this can be a big price to pay if the product cannot deliver on its safety promises. On the other hand, a servery fire shutter is incredibly subtle in both size and noise whilst being able to serve a dual purpose of safety and fire protection without fail.


Since a servery fire shutter is made to fit the location and application of a property perfectly, they can be a rather pleasing aesthetic addition. In fact, modern adaptions now mean that you aren’t forced to install a grey metallic eyesore because you are able to customise the design in order to fit both the aesthetics and surroundings.


Rated with four hours protection, a servery fire shutter is a product that should be installed in every single suitable property. After all, you can’t put a price on safety, especially when it comes to fire. At ABC, our servery fire shutters come with superior strength and a heat resistance rating that is able to deliver without sacrificing appearance. They are activated in the event of a fire, much like a regular fire shutter, in order to compartmentalise the area and prevent the flames and smoke from spreading.

When it comes to fire prevention, servery fire shutters are something that every business in the service industry should have in place. After all, kitchens are known to work with flames! In fact, these types of fire shutters can also be installed in offices and receptions too. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 16-07-2018