The Benefits of Security Doors

The Benefits of Security Doors

A security door differs from a regular door in many ways such as design, materials and purpose. After all, companies and households have security doors installed for the peace of mind that they can provide. Here at ABC Industrial we like to think that our range of industrial doors are the perfect security measure for warehouses and factories alike who want to protect their investments. Read on to find out a few benefits that security doors can provide…

Home Value

Although security doors are often marketed towards industrial properties, more and more residential homes are starting to invest in them too. After all, the same principles apply and high security measures on your home can actually increase its value should you choose to sell up in the future, since potential buyers are often attracted towards properties that are able to ensure safety.


Whilst security doors tend to act as a deterrent in the face of crime, they are not fool-proof. This means that it is still possible to be the victim of criminal activity. With this said, security doors are made from incredibly strong materials which means that those who attempt to gain entry to a property will not be faced with an easy task. In fact, it will likely attract a lot of unwanted attention which will send the criminals running in the opposite direction.

Crime Prevention

When a property has security doors installed then it is statistically less likely to be involved in a crime. After all, the durability and strength of steel makes it difficult for thieves to gain access to a property, so they are more likely to look for an easier target, thus making security doors the perfect deterrent for crime.

When it comes to security there is nothing more effective than Hormann industrial doors from ABC Industrial! With their steel/aluminium combination and certified security, they look the part without sacrificing their security purpose. Get in contact with a member of the ABC team to today to find out more information!

Posted: 01-08-2018