The Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters on Your Property

The Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters on Your Property

Window shutters have a long and rich history spanning back thousands of years – even predating glass windows themselves! Window shutters first made an appearance in Ancient Greece, constructed from thick heavy marble. In Britain, wooden window shutters were popularised during the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. These days we have many more options are our disposal. Using strong metal roller shutters to adorn your house with can yield some surprising benefits. Let’s take a look at a handful of reasons to choose roller shutters for your home or business!

Stylish and customisable

When shutters were initially established in Ancient Greece, they were too cumbersome to be used by the masses. However, they quickly gained popularity across the Mediterranean following the substitution of marble for wood, allowing for more decorative styles to be achieved and the addition of shutters or louvres to allow for variable light levels.

Today rolling shutters are primarily used with security in mind but are still available in a huge range of colours and styles. Solid shutters provide an extra layer of security, while grid shutters allow high levels of natural light and ventilation. So, no matter your priorities, you’ll be able to find a shutter that’s perfect for your property!

Safe and secure

Of course, the most popular reason for installing window or door shutters is security. Glass is a wonderful material for allowing light to pass through and is a marvel of human engineering for sure, but it is also infamously weak, brittle, and prone to shattering. Installing shutters on your windows and doors is the most effective method of reinforcing the entry points to your building and bolstering your security. Roller shutters are the most secure of the bunch and will offer the best protection for your home, warehouse, or shop front.

Better insulation and higher durability

Alongside style and function, roller shutters also have some additional benefits many do not consider. Installing metal roller shutters is a fantastic way of adding an extra level of insulation to your windows and doors. Like double glazing, the shutters will leave a space in between the shutter and structure, allowing trapped air to function as supplementary insulation. They will also protect your wooden or plastic window and doorframes from leaks and erosion from our classic British wind and rain.

It doesn’t have to be The Purge outside to see the benefits of installing roller shutters on your property! Here at ABC Industrial we specialise in roller shutters and are available nationwide, so get in touch today to see how roller shutters can bolster the aesthetics and security of your home or business!

Posted: 23-08-2021