The Benefits of Dock Shelters

Found in large warehouses and factories, a loading bay is an integral part of a building’s design as it allows large lorries with stock and equipment to be loaded and unloaded in a safe and secure manner. In fact, there are three different components that go into the design of a loading bay: dock buffers, dock levellers and dock shelters and, in this blog, the team here at ABC Industrial have decided to go over some of the benefits that can be gained from a high-quality dock shelter. Read on to find out more information...

What is a dock shelter?

When a lorry driver arrives at a warehouse in order to pick up or drop off goods, the rear end of the vehicle is positioned into a loading bay. A dock shelter is the part of this enclosure that seals the perimeter of the lorry by using pressure expansion which allows the environment to be very closely controlled. In fact, a dock shelter is a very technological piece of equipment and its implementation must be closely monitored in order to ensure the safety of those in the area.

How does a dock shelter prevent contamination?

Since a dock shelter works by created an air-tight seal around a vehicle, they are the perfect solution when it comes to dealing with organic stock such as food products. After all, the temperatures that these items are kept in must be closely monitored as any deviation can lead to contamination and spoil the stock in minutes. As a result, a dock shelter is an important piece of loading bay technology that can be used to safely transport items to and from a delivery van as smoothly as possible.

What are the different types of dock shelters?

A dock shelter may be known for its ability to regulate temperatures; however, they are also incredibly versatile too. In fact, there are a range of different types available on the market which means that businesses owners are able to design a loading bay that meets their loading and unloading needs appropriately. For example, rigid shelters seal the loading area in order to provide protection from the weather, retractable shelters are versatile and are designed to react on impact to absorb the vehicles impact, inflatable shelters are the type used for temperature-controlled properties as they create an air-tight seal, and foam pad dock seal shelters act as an impact absorbing cushion between the vehicle and the building. Although they are primarily used in order to transport high-risk goods to and from a delivery lorry, it is important to remember that a dock shelter is an essential component in the design of a loading bay. After all, they promote a safe and reliable process which means that both company stock and employees are not put at risk. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team and ask about our range of loading bay equipment and industrial doors in Manchester today!

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