The Benefits of Bifold Automatic Doors

When you are designing your shop for your small business, you will want it to be to your own personal taste, but you need to make sure that you’re also thinking about your customers. No matter what industry you are in whether that be a restaurant, clothing shop or florist, you want to come across welcoming so that people don’t turn away from your business. Bi-folding doors are the perfect way to let potential customers know they are welcome!
  1. Bringing in the light.
It may seem fairly obvious, one of the main reasons for investing in bi–folding doors is that they let is so much light. Your traditional patio doors tend to only let in about 60% of light, whereas with bi-folding doors, they can let in up to 90% of light! So why would you want to have windows and patio doors when you can have a wall bringing in natural light?
  1. Bringing in more customers
Bi-folding doors are a lovely way of showing off what your shop has to offer, therefore they are a great way of letting customers see what you have and how you sell yourself, making them more likely to come in than having your boring old doors where they can’t see what you are all about.
  1. Bringing the outdoors and indoors together
Who doesn’t love dining outdoors? When the weather starts to get warmer people like to be able to sit outside and be able to spend as much time in the sun as possible, but on your busy days not everyone will be able to sit outside. Bi-folding doors are a great way to bring the indoors and outdoors together, creating a lovely summer feels for your customers.
  1. Bringing in the fresh air
Linking to the previous point, if you don’t want your shop to feel stuffy with all the sun and warm weather, the bi-folding doors are a great way to solve that problem, by letting outdoor air flow through it keeps your business feeling fresh
  1. Rainy days
Even on the rainy days the bi folding doors still have a lot to offer, who doesn’t love listening to the soft pitter patter of rain when relaxing. Bi-folding doors are a great way to encourage people to come in, get themselves a drink, sit down and relax and enjoy the sound of amazing UK weather!
  1. Energy efficient
You may be surprised but bi-folding doors have great insulating properties and ensure that warm weather stays in, and the cold weather stays out, when you see fit! Another way to encourage customers in by keeping them warm on a miserable day. If you like the sound of all the points made in this blog and want to help your business achieve the best it can, then make sure to check out ABC Industrials for the best quality service and products for your business.

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