The majority of doors in 2017 have been adapted with automatic technology to make everyday life easier. In short, there is no need to open a door yourself anymore, the doors open themselves! And what is not to love about automatic doors? They’re modern, stylish and give off a very professional feel to an office, hotel and building. Here are a few benefits of automatic doors…


Automatic doors provide a way for everyone to enter a building, regardless of any disability they may have. In 1995, the Disability Discrimination Act was introduced and, since then, many changes have been implemented in order to ensure that the disabled are able to maintain independence and enter a building alone. Automatic doors are a way of securing this independence.


Most automatic doors are well equipped with safety equipment such as sensors and controls in order to lock and open the doors without a person being physically at the location. This is very helpful in terms of security as it restricts access to certain individuals who have permission to be in a building.


You are able to get automatic doors in a different range of models, styles, colours and themes. For example, there are three popular models of automatic doors known as sliding, swinging and folding. In addition to this, aluminium doors can be powder coated in order to match a particular frame. These styles are able to stay stylish for many years and with so many available, you’re spoilt for choice!

Here at ABC Shutters, we may be the best shutters Manchester has to offer- however that doesn’t mean shutters are the only thing we sell! Our range also includes a decent array of automatic doors too! Get in contact today to find out more information!

Posted: 02-03-2017