The ABC Guide to Painting a Roller Shutter

The ABC Guide to Painting a Roller Shutter

Perhaps the biggest roller shutter misconception is the idea that they cannot be aesthetically pleasing. After all, many cities once banned them from high-street installation over fears that they would create an industrial atmosphere in an area where luxury is often the focus. With this said, the popularity of roller shutter painting means that property owners have more options than ever. Read on as the team here at ABC industrial go over everything there is to know about painting a roller shutter…

What are the benefits of painting a roller shutter?

The number one reason why business owners choose to paint their roller shutters is down to aesthetics and design. After all, it is incredibly easy to bring a high-street to life with a few coats of paint and this means that the industrial reputation of the shutter is certainly a story of the past. In addition to this, painting a roller shutter also allows small businesses the opportunity to use the surface as a form of advertising as many will utilise designs into the process rather than a block colour.

What tools are needed to paint a roller shutter?

In order to paint a shutter to the highest standard possible, it is important that a property owner has the correct tools at their disposal:

  • Sandpaper – is required to remove any rust and debris and create a smooth surface.
  • Microfibre cloth – is used in order to clean the surface as any dirt left on the roller shutter will affect the finish of the paint.
  • Primer – helps prepare the metal surface and ensures that paint will adhere properly.
  • High-quality paintbrush – ensures that the paint glides on smoothly.

The Method

Although the process of painting a roller shutter sounds incredibly simple, it is important to remember that the finished product is there to stay. As a result, it is wise to follow a tried and tested method that is known to provide high-quality results. First, the shutter should be dust-free and sanded down as this will give the paint a rough surface to cling to. After this, a primer should be applied to the base as this will keep the shutter in good condition for longer. Finally, the paint itself can be applied, however, it is vital that a high-quality solution that is made for outdoor use is chosen as this will ensure longevity and durability.

Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that roller shutters are an incredibly important piece of security for warehouses, factories and business owners alike. After all, they offer durability, longevity and peace of mind without blowing an entire budget. With this said, far too many people tend to sacrifice their security in order to retain their aesthetics. Luckily, roller shutter painting offers a modern twist on this philosophy and ensures that every business can be stylish and secure. To find out more information about painting your roller shutters, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 16-07-2019