Should I Use Telescopic Security Posts and Bollards

Should I Use Telescopic Security Posts and Bollards

If you are looking to secure your driveways and access points with bollards or posts, it is important to understand the benefits that they can bring.

Telescopic bollards have many features and benefits that make them superior to any standard system. They are by far the strongest type of security post and when not in use, no obstacles or trip hazards are left to obstruct any pedestrians or vehicles.

How Does A Telescopic Security Post Work?

The posts themselves are made up of a steel ground spigot sleeve and an internal sliding post. The spigot sleeve is normally about 200 – 300mm longer than the internal post to allow for the telescopic action.

The spigot sleeve is fitted into the ground so the top rests level to the surface; having more material underground than above ground is how these security bollards remain so strong and secure.

The posts can be easily lifted and latched into position, leaving the user hands-free to lock the post into position. There are numerous locking mechanisms to choose from – from padlocks to integral locks – depending on the chosen model.

To lower the post, the user must simply unlock and lower the post into the ground spigot resulting in a flush, flat finish to the floor, ideal for locations subject to heavy foot traffic and vehicle access.

The posts are suitable to be fitted into most types of ground, providing the installer has the right tools required. You may wish to avoid locations which are prone to regular flooding or constant high-water tables.

If you have a sloping ground, the bollards can still be fitted, but as they need to be fitted level, you may be left with a small ridge on one side of your top plate.

Each different lock type can all be keyed alike, so they can be accessed by different, assigned users.

If you require security bollards, as well as any other roller shutters or industrial doors, contact ABC Industrial today for a quote.


Posted: 26-07-2018