Security advantages of an automatic door

Security advantages of an automatic door

Automatic doors are more secure than manual doors in many ways, but not because of their structural design and the materials used to manufacture them, but because of the way they are designed to operate within an application. Thus giving you as much or as little control of the   people using them as you require. Once an automatic operator installation is in place, it can be modified and adjusted as building needs change. So automation can always be flexible and work exactly how you want it to work within a changing environment, or it can stay the same for 40 years, the choice is yours.

For example, we have customers who like 90 degree hold open closers on manual swing doors which are handy for receiving deliveries and in hot summer weather. But we also have customers who dislike them immensely because shoplifters leave them open on the way into a store for a quick escape once they have lifted their stolen goods.

So basically automatic doors are made using all the same aluminum profiles and put together in the same way as manual swing doors. But they can be controlled exactly how you want them to be controlled. Giving you full control of your entrance and exit doors gives you increased security. For example: You cannot run full speed towards a closed exit door, expecting it to open by the time you get there. In the same way, you cannot run into a shop and snatch something and run out without the automatic doors hindering your criminal master plan.

Automatic doors with presence sensors both sides still give full access to everyone who approaches them, but with a very important increased level of security. Reducing risk by keeping doors in the closed position when not in use to deter opportunists. Add an activation bell and you can potter around in the stock room knowing the shop is secure unless you hear it.

You can take this enhanced security to many levels. Such as staff key card and fob access to segregate areas or create zones within a large building. Even linking automation to access controls and intercoms for doors to be operated remotely from reception desks or security lodges, the options are unlimited. For additional security automation can be used alongside magnetic locks to increase physical strength. This type of automation and control also applies to personnel gates, as well as vehicle gates and barriers.

So although automated doors are generally the same animal as manual doors, it is the control of them which increases the security of your offices, schools, hospitals and public buildings.

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Posted: 01-03-2021