Why Schools Need Roller Shutters

A school has the legally responsibility care for the children inside the premises which is why it is only right that they employ every single safety measure that they possibly can. From high rise gates with spikes at the top to electric doors that determine who can and who can’t gain entry; there are several ways that those in charge can protect the people who are more vulnerable than them. Here is why schools need roller shutters…


Roller shutters are known for their security however there is a lot more that goes into this than some simple locks. For example, the material that most shutters are made from is extremely strong and durable steel or aluminium which makes them practically impenetrable. Plus the mechanisms within them are very high quality which makes them the perfect deterrent since thieves are always looking for an easy entrance.


Speaking of deterrents, roller shutters are perfect at putting off vandals too since they do not allow much of an opportunity to cause havoc. After all, spray painting the windows of a school grounds is much more harmful than the roller shutters, where is can be easily removed or covered. Plus roller shutters are very good at protecting the grounds from those wanting to cause damage such as throwing bricks into the windows.


Child safety within school grounds is paramount which is why every person that enters must either be a student or permitted by staff in order to guarantee this safety. Having roller shutters in place during the night helps to ensure this safety since nobody is able to pass through them undetected or without permission. Whilst many people do not think that they have a place in a school environment, roller shutters actually offer several advantages when it comes to keeping children safe and secure. After all, nobody wants to drop their child off for the day and spend the next 6 hours worrying about them! For more information about how roller shutters can benefit a school, speak to the experts at ABC Industrial today!

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