Roller Shutters vs Window Grilles

Roller Shutters vs Window Grilles

Whether you have your home or an industrial building in mind, protecting what you own is quite rightly on the mind of everyone who has invested in property. Despite this, choosing the right type of protection in order to preserve these investments from the wrath of vandals and thieves is not as simple as it may look and the range of security measures to choose from is only growing larger as the years go by. To make matters simpler, the team here at ABC Industrial have decided to go over the pros and cons of two types; roller shutters and window grilles…

Roller Shutters

  • As a visible means of security, a roller shutter is perfect when it comes to putting off law breakers from attempting to break into your property. In fact, most roller shutters are made from high quality aluminium or steel which means that they are highly impenetrable
  • Roller shutters also come in an automatic variety which means that they can be linked together so that multiple can be opened/closed at the same time. In regards to efficiency, this is a very impressive feature for large warehouses or supermarkets.

Window Grilles

  • Since window grilles do not completely cover the display of a shop window they are perfect for those who want to show face when preventing people from trying to break in without completely covering their products. After all, window grilles hold their own in terms of durability and are able to protect a property despite having gaps in their design.
  • On the other hand, these grilles may not be enough to prevent some people. Whilst it is extremely uncommon for property to be completely accessed, some may find that their door handles have been tampered with or that graffiti has gone through the gaps in the window grill. Luckily, these are easily fixed.

The type of security that you opt for largely depends on many factors, such as the area that your property is located in, the budget you have to spend and the type of stock you are wanting to protect. For example, those who require high quality and secure protection are more likely to choose roller shutters whilst those who want to deter thieves but showcase their stock will often pick window grilles. For more information on our range of industrial security, contact the ABC team today!

Posted: 12-09-2017