Just like any other item that is left outdoors all year-round, roller shutters are not completely immune to damage. Whether this comes from the environment in the form of heavy weather conditions or from neighbourhood thugs attempting to break into a property, it is likely that during their lifespan, roller shutters will show signs of wear and tear at some point.

Fret not, that’s what the team here at ABC Industrial are here to help you with. Here are a few ways your roller shutters may become damaged…


Although a roller shutter is able to provide extra protection against the weather, sometimes the weather manages to win the battle and the roller shutters end up with damage. It has to be remembered that roller shutters are created using strong materials and it is usually very strong winds or large hailstones that cause noticeable and serious damage to roller shutters when the weather is concerned.

General Wear and Tear

Nothing comes with an unconditional guarantee and eventually we will have to replace or fix something when it is reaching the end of its lifespan. Roller shutters are no exception to this rule. The average roller shutter will last for around a decade and after that it is not uncommon for general wear and tear from everyday use to become noticeable.


The reason we have roller shutters installed is to prevent burglary and damage from taking place- however this doesn’t stop people from still trying to get in. With this said, the majority of these offenders are unsuccessful in their attempt however, until they give up, they tend to end up inflicting serious damage to the shutters that needs fixing. Thankfully, this is a burden most would rather endure than face the consequences of the criminals entering the property.

Here at ABC Industrial, we like to think we are well known for our products- however that isn’t all we provide. Our products and maintenance services are always on hand so that you can ensure your roller shutters run as smoothly as possible. For more information about damaged roller shutters, speak to a member of our team today!

Posted: 15-08-2017