Roller Shutter FAQ’s

When you are looking into purchasing something, it is normal to have an endless stream of questions running through your head. After all, nobody wants to confirm a purchase until they are completely satisfied that they have chosen the best item for their requirements. Here at ABC Industrial, we want to address these worries directly in regards to our roller shutters which is why we decided to put together this frequently asked questions blog…

How are roller shutter operated?

The way that roller shutters are operated heavily depends upon the type you have chosen to purchase. If you have opted for manual roller shutters then these tend to be opened and closed by hand whereas automatic roller shutters are signalled remotely using a fob or keypad. In fact, sometimes these can be linked in order to open and close multiple at the same time.

Can roller shutters be fixed against brick?

Most of the time it is easy to install roller shutters against brick material however it depends upon the thickness of the brick and the condition it is in. In these instances, additional timber or wood may be needed.

What happens if my electric supply becomes faulty?

Automatic roller shutters come with a manual override system that can be used in emergency circumstances such as a power cut or system failure. This is because people may need to be able to enter or exit a property and a system that relies completely on electricity is too risky. We always prioritise customer and client safety by offering this override.

Will planning permission be required?

Although most properties do not need written permission for roller shutters to be installed, we always advise that you contact and speak to your local council in order to ensure that you will not be breaking any laws. After all, the last thing you want to do is have your shutter installed and receive a letter from the council asking them to be taken down! Here at ABC Industrial, we are asked a range of different questions related to roller shutters on a daily basis! We like to pride ourselves on our ability to face situations head on which is why we always strive to provide you with a suitable answer! If you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered in the blog above, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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