Repair and Maintenance of Automatic Doors

Repair and Maintenance of Automatic Doors

As a business owner, it is important to ensure that your property caters to every member of society equally and with hidden disabilities and the rise of an ageing population, automation has never been so popular. In fact, an automatic door offers a convenient, safe and reliable way to enter and exit a building without customers having to deal with bulky doorways that can become inundated with heavy traffic in a matter of minutes.

As well as being considered a convenience, automatic doors can also contribute to energy savings by controlling how long a door is open for. As a result, property owners are more likely to reduce their heating and cooling costs on an annual basis.

With this said, taking care of an automatic door isn’t a part-time commitment and it is very important to provide assistance at the first sign of damage in order to prevent any issues becoming a costly affair. For instance, a slow moving door that is causing more delays that it solves should be seen by a professional engineer. In addition to this, an automatic door relies on a sensor system in order to detect the presence of people and know when to open or close. If a door is failing to act accordingly, it could suggest that there is a fault with the sensor. Since this could be considered a safety risk, it is essential that an engineer is consulted.

In order to take care of an automatic door, it is important to sought repairs from licensed and experienced professionals like the team here at ABC Industrial Doors! In fact, regular servicing and maintenance can help prevent avoidable issues before they even occur. With over 22 years in the business, our planned preventive maintenance contracts are designed to cover every aspect of automatic door care so you can rest assured that your property is fit for purpose.

To find out more information about the best automatic doors we have to offer, or to discuss repair and maintenance of your automatic doors, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

Posted: 08-03-2023