Reasons to Invest in a Fire Shutter

Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that fire safety is something that every industrial property owner should take into consideration. After all, preparing for the worst may feel like an overreaction but fire has the power to spread with speed and ferocity which means that safety measures like water sprinklers, alarms systems and fire shutters can make a big difference. Read on as we go over three important reasons why every warehouse and factory should invest in a high-quality fire shutter...

How do fire shutters compartmentalise a building?

A fire shutter can be activated manually or can be triggered during the sound of a fire alarm. They literally act as a barrier between the different areas within a property in order to prevent a fire from spreading and this is known as compartmentalisation. They are an effective safety method because the shutters are manufactured using heat resistant materials which means that they can withstand the impact of a fire for up to 30 minutes, giving people enough time to evacuate and the fire service enough time to arrive.

How cost-effective is a fire shutter?

Since they are designed with a variety of high-quality components, fire shutters tend to be more expensive than the average industrial roller shutter. With this said, the investment that a property owner makes can last for at least a decade with the right care and maintenance which is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and safety guarantee that they can offer. After all, a fire is the last thing that a property owner wants, however, a fire shutter is a precaution that is installed with the intention to protect in the unfortunate event of one.

Do fire shutters improve security as well as fire safety?

It is safe to say that a property owner does not install a fire shutter with the intention of fighting a fire in the near or distance future and that is why all ABC fire shutters are manufactured using the best metals on the market in order to ensure that they are just as effective at preventing crime. After all, a roller shutter is the perfect deterrent against criminal behaviour and since fire shutters are almost identical, they are able to provide double the benefit. A fire shutter differs from a regular roller shutter because it is able to compartmentalise in the presence of smoke and fire in order to prevent the flames from spreading. Not only is this an essential safety tool due to its ability to save lives, it can also reduce that amount of damage that a fire is able to inflict. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team and ask about our range of fire shutters today!

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