Reasons to Install an Automatic Door

The automatic door has become so commonplace that it is hard to miss them in public spaces. From shopping centres to hospitals, the technology has become less of an advantage and more of a necessity. Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that every industry can benefit from the implementation of automation and, in this blog, we are going to go over a few reasons why you should have an automatic door installed…

Ease of Access

Automatic doors are fitted with sensor technology in order to detect when somebody is approaching them and this triggers an opening and closing mechanism. Since automation allows people to enter a building hands free, it provides an easy way to access a property which can be important for the members of society with a disability.

Low Maintenance

Every automatic door is manufactured according to strict regulations in order to guarantee quality and safety. In fact, they are incredibly easy to install and don’t come with an extensive list of maintenance requirements. After all, as long as they are serviced on a regular basis and any repairs are carried out promptly, brand new automatic doors should last for at least a decade.

Energy Efficient

Since automatic doors are controlled by motion sensors, they will only open and close when they are required to do so and this technology is creating a new generation of energy efficient doors. After all, there is less energy wasted when the doors open because they are closed as soon as the motion sensor detects that there is nobody there. In fact, statistics have shown that buildings with manual doors, which are often left ajar, spend much more money maintaining a constant temperature every year due to the energy that is lost though the open doorways. With technology advancing every day, the future of automation looks bright. After all, automatic doors will always have a place in society as long as we continue to rely on the benefits they provide. Whether you’re looking for telescopic sliding doors or simple swing doors, the ABC Industrial team have got you covered with our wide collection. In fact, we believe there is an automatic door for everybody! Get in contact to find out more information today!

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