Reasons To Install A Fire Shutter

A fire has the ability to cause irreparable damage and puts the lives of many people at risk, especially if it gets out of control! This is why many buildings and properties put special measures into place in order to try and get people to safety in the event of a fire. From smoke alarms to fire doors and sprinkler systems, there are many different fire suppression and prevention methods to choose from. The industrial variety often comes in the form of a fire shutter, which offer significant protection against the spread of fire. Check out just a few of the many benefits offered by fire shutters below!

Slows The Spread

A fire shutter is able to isolate certain areas so that the fire cannot spread there, offering vital time for staff or customers in danger to evacuate the building. Since many fires tend to spread in a matter of minutes this is extremely vital, especially in a warehouse where fires are considered much more deadly. A metal fire shutter offers a much higher degree of protection than a wooden fire door.

Reduce The Damage

As well as protecting the people on site, limiting the spread of the fire also protects your property! A fire that is not able to spread quickly is not able to rip through your building causing havok while the emergency services arrive. Confining the damage to one area gives the fire services extra time to arrive and start tackling the blaze so fewer belongings are damaged.

Boost Your Security

Although their main use is to protect people and belongings in the occurrence of a fire, a fire shutter can also double as a security shutter. This is because they are created using high quality and durable metals that are perfect for preventing intrusion, theft and other kind of criminal damage. So while you protect yourself, your staff, and your property from fire risks, you can also provide protection from opportunistic thieves and unauthorised visitors. Here at ABC Industrial, safety and security are the most important aspects of our service. A fire shutter can offer you extra time to escape in the event of a fire and, depending on the severity of the blaze, these minutes could be the difference between life and death. For more information about our range of fire shutters, about our range of fire shutters, get in contact with a member of our team today!

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