Shop front protection is a must have in most areas of the UK. Without it you open yourself up to huge losses in damages and inventory loss. If thieves can enter your premises and you lack the right security, you could even suffer a huge monetary loss.


Some businesses feel as though they are safe and don’t necessarily need to spend much on security, but the majority of robberies are opportunistic; if you provide thieves with an opportunity, don’t be surprised if they take it.


There are some interesting statistics surrounding burglaries across the UK. For instance, you may be surprised to know that over a million burglaries are reported in the UK every year: that’s a robbery every 40 seconds. 73% of these robbers get in through a door, which is open in 3% of cases.


63% of burglars stated that a building with a security system in place influenced their decision not to follow through with an attempted robbery. The average robbery costs the business owner thousands of pounds in losses and can prevent the business opening for a while after the robbery occurred. This means business owners can be hit with a further loss of profits even after a robbery has taken place.


So what can a business owner do to keep their business safe?


There are a number of different security systems to fit any budget, and having the right system in place for you means you can stop worrying about security and the safety of your livelihood, and focus on growing your business:


  • Window Grilles – are mainly used in low risk areas, as they don’t necessarily protect the glass front of a business. They are however, a great affordable deterrent. The strong metal locks in place meaning any attempt at a robbery will be halted dramatically.


  • Steel Security Doors – can be installed quickly and easily and can be modified with different additional extras such as viewing panels to fit your business needs


Information on the right type of Industrial Doors can be found online with specifications to make sure you’re getting the right security for your business.

Posted: 08-08-2017