Vertically Opening Doors – Art Gallery Installation

Vertically Opening Doors – Art Gallery Installation

Vertically opening doors aren’t the most frequent installation, but for this local art gallery a creative solution was exactly what they needed.

As in most galleries they had rooms with exceptionally high ceilings. This meant they had great difficulty opening their ceiling hatches manually.

However we found a much more convenient solution, automating the process with a unique application of a motor to create vertically opening doors.

Sectional door motor

Our engineers installed one of our sectional door motors above the ceiling, and configured it with the existing moving tile to maintain the aesthetics of the room. This was a very important consideration for this installation, as the appearance of the space is crucial to its function.

vertical sectional door motor

At ABC our solutions are provided to last, with this motor installed suitable for over 25,000 actuations. This gives our clients the peace of mind that they can depend on their new installation for years to come. For more information on our range of sectional doors, click here.

And if you have a unique problem at your location that would benefit from our experts advice, call or email our team today to see what creative solutions we have to offer!