ARCHITECTURAL GLAZING SYSTEMS – plays a large part in our business having progressed from installing shutters and shopfronts over many years. ABC can now offer a complete door and window package as well as security installed products.

At this Pizza Hut project in Finchley London they have improved the front elevation of the restaurant by creating additional seating space with a pleasant and light open aspect. Over the space of five days we installed 2 aluminium glazed bay windows with glazed roof and a new main entrance foyer. Keeping to a strict site schedule of works planned months in advance, we completed all works to sign off on time.

Using a safe working practice along side other trades we start to assemble the aluminium glazing sections in-situ.

Both bay windows were installed in the first two days and the glazing arrived on day three. Perfect timing for fitting straight into the new installed frames.

Day four we removed the single set of old double doors and fitted a new entrance foyer which will help keep the temperature constant inside the restaurant. Installing a manual swing door to both inside and outside of the foyer creates an intermediate space which acts like an air lock to help stop extreme changes in internal temperature.

ABC can also install swing operators for disabled access either on point of installation or at a later date. This application could have even had sliding automatic doors if the foyer was configured differently with a 1000mm door and a 1000mm side window creating slide space. So it is important to know what you want from the outset which is where ABC can help you from the concept stage early on.

Day 5 was a combination of sealing joints and making good, removing protective film and cleaning glass. Unfortunately we could not get a perfect picture without going back when the circus had left the building. This picture was taken just before opening time one morning the following week whilst passing. If you need glazing systems as part of any of your future projects, please call us now and we will be delighted to help.