Hormann Garage Door Installation

Hormann Garage Door Installation

At ABC we ensure we have a wide range of products in every category, so that we can meet the requirements of every client. With this Hormann garage door installation, we provided an elegant design that provided exceptional aesthetic appeal from both sides of the door.

This exclusive door design is the Hormann ALR F42 Vitraplan. It is especially elegant thanks to offset, flush-fitting glazing. The frame profile is concealed, so nothing detracts from the overall appearance. Its aesthetic appeal is further heightened with a mix of mirroring and transparency, providing both a sleek private exterior and plenty of light to illuminate the garage.

Hormann ALR F42 Vitraplan exterior
Hormann ALR F42 Vitraplan interior

However with Hormann the exemplary build quality doesn’t stop at the surface. Hörmann doors are tested and certified in accordance with the high safety requirements of European standard 13241, not only on their own but also in combination with Hörmann operators. Some of the safety features include:

  • Torsion springs on both sides feature a patented spring safety device. In the event of a spring breaking, they arrest the door immediately, thereby preventing the door leaf from falling.
  • Patented, adjustable rollers, sturdy roller holders and safety tracks ensure that there is no danger of the door “derailing”. The door sections are safely parked under the ceiling.
  • The unique form of the door sections eliminates trap points, both between the sections and on the hinges.

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