How to Prevent Property Vandalism

How to Prevent Property Vandalism

Here at ABC Industrial we strive in order to ensure that our clients and customers are as protected as they can possibly be. After all, there are numerous things that have the ability to present a threat. From the wrath of Mother Nature herself to the wrong doings of petty thieves; it pays to be prepared! Here are a few ways that you can help prevent unwanted vandalism to your warehouse or property…

Street Lighting

Statistics have shown that areas that are well lit have lower levels of property vandalism which begs to differ why there is a lack of it in areas that seem to bear the burden of such petty crime. From intentional damage with no clear goal to spray painting, street lighting presents the possibility of being seen conducting a crime so less people are tempted to take the risk.


Unlike street lighting however CCTV means that criminals can be caught on camera and you cannot argue with clear proof in a court of law! If a criminal is less experienced then they will not know how to avoid the wrath of CCTV which means that you may be able to catch the lawbreakers who caused damage to your property. That is, of course, if the cameras don’t stop the crime in the first place.

External Doors

One way to prevent vandalism is to have high quality industrial doors put in place in order to prevent criminals gaining access to your property. After all, a criminal can lift as many weights as they want in the gym but defeating large and well build security door is going to be a tough one!

Now you know the secrets it is time to put the theory into practice! After all, there is only so far that CCTV can go and without strong and durable industrial doors you may regret going cheap on the security you decide to put in place. To find out more information or to speak to a member of the team, don’t hesitate to get in contact with ABC Industrial team today!


Posted: 17-11-2017