Planning Permission for Roller Shutters

Planning Permission for Roller Shutters

Whilst it is quite simple to look up the pros and cons of roller shutters, decide that they are a pretty great investment and get in contact with a contractor; it is important to assess whether your property may require planning permission from the council first. After all, many people see roller shutters as an eyesore rather than a safety measure and subsequently refuse to allow their installation. In order to ensure that our clients stay on the right side of the law, the team here at ABC Industrial have decided to go through everything you need to know…

Contact the Council

If you are having doubts about whether the council will protest against the installation of roller shutters it may be best on your part to get in contact with the local authorities ahead of time. This way you can campaign for your investment without spending loads of money  only to be told that the shutters must be removed.


Since many councils want to try and keep the town centres looking attractive and welcoming they may be against roller shutters so it is important that you can convince them how your shutters will benefit the area. Luckily a lot of councils also recognise the need for shutters in order to prevent crime and criminal damage so the general guidelines also take this into consideration.

Listed Buildings

A listed building is a type of protected build that cannot be demolished no matter what in order to preserve it. If your business just so happens to be located inside a listed building then you are likely going to have a hard time getting permission to install roller shutters as they will potentially damage the history and structure. It is important that you check with your council first if you are unsure as installing roller shutters without checking could lead to some serious consequences.

Whether you require planning permission or not it is hard to ignore the benefits that roller shutters can provide. After all, they are a form of high-quality industrial security which can help prevent anything from theft to criminal damage. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team and ask about our range of roller shutters today!

Posted: 13-03-2018